If you’re looking to catapult your voice over career to a completely new level . . . this Black Friday special is for you!

Hi, I’m Bill DeWees. I’ve been recording voice-overs full-time for the past 13 years. My voice over career allows me to enjoy a multiple 6-figure income recording for clients like Chevrolet, American Express, Microsoft, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Google, Dell, Staples, PGA Tour, Adidas, Walmart, and many, many others.
As a voice over coach, I teach others the simple strategies and systems that I use to achieve success. And every year at this time, I like to find a way to give aspiring and existing VO artists a way to really move their business to the next level. And, I’m doing it at a huge discount.
It’s time for my VO Black Friday Sale!!!

Below you have 2 different options to choose from.

Package A
VO Blueprint CORE
  • Voice Over Playbook – Value: $297
  • ​Fiverr Course (created by Mike Hathcote) – Value: $197
  • ​DIY Demo Secrets – Value: $47
  • ​100 VO Questions – Value: $197
  • ​2-weeks in DeWees Members (my interactive VO community) – Value: $147 
  • ​Free VO Q&A Webinar on Dec.1st at 7pm central time
Total Value of this Package is over $800
Package B
VO Blueprint CORE Plus
  •  Everything in the VO Blueprint CORE package
  • ​VO Blueprint Weekly Webinars – Value: $497
  • ​Multi 6-Figure Workshop – Value: $147 
  • ​2 months in DeWees Members (my interactive VO community) – Value: $594
  • ​Free VO Q&A Webinar on Dec.1st at 7pm central time
Total Value of this Package is over $1700
I know that is an awful lot of stuff. And frankly it is! 

BUT, every one of these programs, when you get them handles a very specific area that you need covered for your success as a voice over artist.

I know because I created each program based on exactly that idea.

Here’s more . . 
Voice Over Playbook
4 hours of Video Jam-Packed with Immediately Useable Ideas and Systems (VoiceOverPlaybook.com – please go to that site if you like)

Price of This Program Bought Separately: $297 

In this Program You’ll Learn

Building Your Brand 
  • Attract and Keep Clients by Creating the Right Impression
  • ​How to Create a Perception of High Demand 
  • ​How to Turn Everything You Do Into a Marketing Message 
  • ​How to Thrill Clients to Keep Them Coming Back

How to Turn Craigslist into a Goldmine of Opportunity
  • How to Use CL to Create a Global Business
  • ​How to Turn 15 min. a Day Into Thousands of Dollars a Month 
  • ​Why Most People Never Get The Most of Using CL to Find Clients 
  • ​A Single Search Strategy That Will Save You Countless Hours and Help You Get More Clients Faster

The Power of a Database
  • A Simple Strategy to Track Your Clients and Prospects
  • ​Strategies to Turn Prospects Into Customers 
  • ​Using Your Database to Become Unforgettable to Your Clients and Prospects

Mandy’s List
  • Using the World’s Largest Online Production Company Database to Find New Customers
  • ​The Super Simple Question I Ask That Almost Always Leads to a “YES” From a Prospective Client 
  • ​The Steps I Use to Qualify the Best Prospective Clients

Audio Production Houses
  • How to Get Listed With Audio Production Houses
  • ​Leveraging Commercial Production Companies To Do High Volume Work 
  • ​Allowing Production Houses To Do The Marketing Work for You

This program also comes with these super cool bonuses . . . please check them out below! 

Audio Editing Tips/Tricks (The faster you can edit, the more time you can spend building your business) video ($79 Value)
  • How to Get Listed With Audio Production Houses
  • ​Leveraging Commercial Production Companies To Do High Volume Work 
  • ​Allowing Production Houses To Do The Marketing Work for You

Writing Great Commercial Copy (Not only will this make you a better voice talent, but it can also create another stream of income) video ($99 Value)
  • How to think like a writer to improve your voice over performance
  • ​Using copywriting to add an additional revenue stream to your business 
  • ​What's the "Big Idea" and why it's so important

Cold Calling Program (Learn why most voice talent over-look this method and how you can use it to grow your business quickly) audio ($29 Value)
  • Learn the magic phrase that almost guarantees a prospective client will say "yes!"
  • ​Who you should call and exactly what you should say 
  • ​You'll be able to eavesdrop as I make actual phone calls to prospective clients

2014 Midwest VO Conference Marketing presentation video ($99 Value)
  • The video recording of my marketing presentation at the 2014 Midwest VO Conference
  • ​How to ask the "right questions" to get the "right results" 
  • ​The reason most people don't "make it in vo" and why you will! 
  • ​The power of the "VO Marketing Wheel" (specific strategies to begin booking work today)

Voice Over Marketing Roundtable discussion with Boston group audio ($49 Value)
  • A 1-hour Q&A regarding all things VO marketing

Collection Seminar (I’ll teach you the strategies I use to collect 99.9% of every job that I book) video ($79 Value)
  • How to collect 99.9% of everything that you bill
  • Why collections should be a marketing activity 
  • ​The psychology of collections (Why people don't pay, if you let them) 
  • ​Strategies to be a "nice" guy/gal and still get your money

DIY Demo Program
In this Program You’ll Discover:
  • How and where to find the best demo scripts
  • ​Deciding how many, and what type of scripts to use 
  • ​What niches you should create demos for 
  • ​How to use your personality to create compelling recordings 
Top 100 VO Questions 
I’ve accumulated the TOP 100 questions that everyone in the voice over business needs to know the answers to. That is, IF they want to reach their full potential.

I’ve divided the questions up into 5 sections: Performance, Marketing, Technical, Industry and General Business.
DeWees Members
  • Watch me LIVE and IN-STUDIO every day  
  • ​Private Facebook group for interaction with me and other members 
  • ​2 monthly Group Coaching webinars with me 
  • ​Regular webinars with my hand selected experts on a variety of topics like marketing and performance 
  • ​Special members only 10% discount on products and services 
Multi 6-Figure Workshop
Focused on 3 key components:
  • Creating great audio 
  • ​Crafting a stellar performance 
  • ​Utilizing online casting to build an endless stream of new clients 

I share the things that I’m focusing on now, to take me to new heights in my own career. These are all of the tricks, tips, and strategies that allow me to consistently create a multiple six-figure VO income.
In the “Creating Great Audio” portion of the training, I focused on the essentials of competitive audio (starting with your home recording space). I outlined the audio processing steps you should take. Specifically, . . . what kinds audio of processing to use, the software to use, and what order to do your audio processing in!

VO Blueprint Weekly Webinars
Weekly Group Coaching webinar with me!
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